There is no doubt that Africa is the future. This continent, which includes more than 50 countries, is set to become the epicentre of international trade thanks to the economic development it has undergone in recent years and the diversification of its economy beyond the export of raw materials.

This diversification has brought new foreign powers such as Spain into play, establishing trade links with the continent, both as importers and exporters. A clear example of the progress of these trade relations is the data provided by Eurostat for the 2020 financial year, in which the European Union was Africa’s main trading partner, accounting for 28% of these imports. Despite this, Spain’s exports to Africa fell by 7.3% in 2020 due to the crisis caused by Covid-19.

Where Africa stands today

As we have already stated, Africa is the future. It is true it is a continent rich in exportable materials, but more and more investments are being made there to help develop and diversify its economy. Currently, industrial development is increasing as well as improvements in management, education, infrastructure and logistics in each of the countries that make up the continent.

The crisis in the rest of the world has led to an acceleration of the expansion of trade and investment in Africa, which in turn, has led to an increase in consumption in African countries and with it a greater demand for products from abroad. This has seen the emergence of a middle class and a greater number of growth opportunities that, driven by domestic consumption, favour the expansion of trade with the continent.

Economic forecasts predict that by 2040 Africa will be one of the continents with the most sustainable and developed economies and one of the youngest populations in the world. But to achieve this level of development they need to import machinery to enable them to manufacture in their own countries, thereby reducing the costs currently faced.

What products does Africa import?

As a developing continent, Africa is one of the most attractive markets for Spanish companies. Why? Because despite being a continent rich in raw materials, it lacks the infrastructure and machinery necessary for the development of its industry and manufacturing sectors.

The best products to export to Africa are: construction materials and equipment, cleaning products, material for water canal construction and potability, renewable energies, consumer goods and food and beverages are, in general, some of the most common imports to the African continent. It is precisely this niche that Spanish companies can play an essential role as exporters to promote the development of countries in African.

When establishing trade relations with Africa, to become an exporter, it is essential, to consider and respect the particular needs of each country to establish an appropriate export strategy.

At Logimarex International we specialise in exporting to countries on the African continent. Our experience in commercial relations with countries like Angola, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria or Equatorial Guinea helps to provide the right advice to Spanish companies, as we know first-hand the needs of the countries we work with.

  • Angola: The opportunity lies in the export of materials and equipment for construction, food (olives, preserves, olive oil…), water treatment machinery, sanitary material, renewable energies, hospital equipment and transport.
  • Ghana: The country’s main opportunities lie in the export of agri-food products, farm machinery, cleaning products, construction and electrical materials, and hotel and catering equipment and machinery.
  • Gabon: The country needs material and machinery for the construction of road and environmental infrastructure; material and machinery for electrical infrastructure and water purification and treatment; material and equipment for the development and treatment of wood, agri-food products, and material for the extraction of manganese and petroleum.
  • Cameroon: Cameroon’s main need is for agricultural equipment, materials for the assembly of industrial equipment, printing equipment, printing paper, raw materials for the recycling of paper products, all-terrain vehicles for both the general population and the armed forces, and equipment for drilling and construction of gas and oil pipelines.
  • Ivory Coast: Among the materials most in demand by Ivory Coast are construction materials, chemical products, construction machinery, and electrical equipment of all types, renewable energy infrastructure materials, agricultural machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.
  • Nigeria: The main imports made to Nigeria are electrical material, mobile telephone components, machinery for public works, construction materials, vehicles, machinery for the agri-food industry, and consumer goods such as food and beverages.
  • Equatorial Guinea: The country’s main imports are machinery and industrial equipment for the development of petrochemical and energy projects, construction products and, finally, consumer goods such as vehicles and food and beverages.

Logimarex International. The fastest and most efficient way to enter the African continent.

If you believe that the time has come for your company to expand into the Africa, at Logimarex International, we can help you to do it safely, quickly and efficiently. We specialise in exporting to countries on the African continent, and our team will be able to advise you so that all your company’s expansion needs and growth objectives are met.

At Logimarex International we will not only help you with your expansion, but we will also take care of researching the market in which you wish to expand. We will also negotiate with local agents to achieve the best conditions and agreements for your target market. Thanks to our network of agents and collaborators that we have between Africa and Spain, we can guarantee exposure for your company and to give you access to potential clients.

We can distribute your products on the African continent. Our professionals take care of everything necessary for the export of goods and products to be done in a safe, fast and efficient manner. In addition, we develop marketing strategies that guarantee the positioning of your products in the African market. We look for the best transport at the best cost according to your needs and we monitor all orders until they reach the warehouse.

We want to help you achieve success in Africa. At Logimarex International we guarantee the monitoring of all steps involved in the export process until the delivery of the product to the destination country.

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